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    Uncomplicated, Uncompromising Period Care

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Save money

Purchasing an Un cup is a fraction of the cost that people spend on tampons and pads

Save the planet

Sustainable period care that lasts the test of time, replacing thousands of tampons and pads that contribute to landfill waste

Save time

No more last minute dashes to the pharmacy or stockpiling tampons and pads in preparation for your period

Introducing The Un Cup

"I was a little unsure at first about transitioning to a cup but I found the Un cup extremely easy to use and it fits much better with my routine"

Kat, London

"The quality of their product and their core values made me feel much more confident about trying new period care"

Louisa, London

"Love love love my Un cup! So much easier to use than the last cup I tried (and gave up on!) It's brilliant, I'm truly converted"

Hayley, Oxford

The Un Company

The Un Company was created to help people have the confidence to think differently about their periods, without compromising on environmental and social values. We were struck by how people have had to put up with poor customer experiences and a lack of innovation with period care products that are often shrouded in secrecy and stigma. 

Now we don't think that you need to throw a party every time your period comes, but we really wanted to provide an experience that helps to put you in control when the times comes.