The Un Company Journey

The journey of The Un Company happened organically. 

We fell in love with the menstrual cup as a product. It’s eco-credentials, it’s health qualities and lack of chemical interference but mostly the opportunity it gave women to take back their day! We realised however that it’s adoption had been hampered by misconceptions and that these misconceptions had never been challenged due to an unwillingness to talk about menstrual care. 

Period care has historically been ‘out of sight out, out of mind’. Menstrual products have been shrouded in secrecy, passed between women in hushed tones in times of need, shoved in the shopping basket, and then hidden by hastily placed groceries. When it fully dawned on us that women’s health and convenience was being sacrificed at the altar of public acceptability we became passionate about building a business that breaks down these societal taboos. We hoped that in so doing so we could help women to find the products that are right for them and their bodies.

One of the key things for us when confronting these taboos was that our messaging would be non-judgemental. We don't attack traditional period products or guilt people for the products they choose. We believe that different things work for different people at different times, and we’re not here to tell people what they should and shouldn’t use with their bodies.

And so we decided that instead of being combative with our messaging and positioning we would set out to normalise through premiumising and educating. How could something be both aspirational and taboo? It can’t!!! We wanted a product and packaging that was beautiful enough to sit on your shelf or fall out of your bag without causing embarrassment and in so doing encourage conversation and acceptance.

We try to only present the relative merits of our products so that those who would find it more convenient can discover it. Products that are uncompromising on our health and our environmental and social values. Products that are as uncomplicated to use and uncomplicate your life.

The Un Company-uncompromising, uncomplicated period care.