Best Practices


Before using your Un Cup for the first time (and at the end of your cycle), it's important to disinfect it. Disinfect your Un Cup by plunging it into a pot of boiling water for 7 minutes and allow it to cool.

You’re now ready to rock!

How to Use and Fold

Once you have disinfected or cleaned your Un Cup, wash your hands and get ready to fold for insertion.

We've added the three most popular folds below as a guide, but you may find other ways that are more comfortable for your body.


Once folded, hold the Un cup firmly between your thumb and index finger as close to the base as possible while keeping it folded.

With your other hand, gently separate your labia and insert your Un cup approximately one centimetre in from the entrance of your vagina. Unlike tampons which sit at the top of the vagina, cups like to hang out at the base.

Release your grasp and your Un cup will automatically position itself at the base of the vagina, creating a seal against the wall of your vagina, meaning no unexpected leaks.

How to remove your menstrual cup

Your Un cup should be emptied every 6 hours, or every 2 to 3 hours for heavier flow. 

1. Wash your hands

2. Sit down comfortably on the toilet to remove your Un cup. Your cup is held in place by your vaginal muscles. If you are tense it will be harder to remove the cup. If at first you don't success, just take a breath! Try again, or come back to it when you're ready

3. You must first release the seal that the lip of the Un cup has formed against the vaginal wall. Use the stem of the cup as a guide to find the base. Pinch the base between two fingers or insert a finger between the vaginal wall and the cup to release the seal

4. You can now remove your Un cup by gently pulling on the base of the cup. Empty the contents into the toilet

5. Clean and disinfect your Un cup before reinsertion or use an alternative Un cup and place the used cup in your cotton bag if you are out and about (in some public restrooms you may not be able to discreetly clean your cup)


How to clean and care for your Un cup

It is important to keep your Un cup clean. Clean your cup after each time you empty it and fully disinfect it before putting it away at the end of your cycle.

Cleaning your cup

When you using the Un Cup on your period, clean your Un Cup with cold, clean water and mild non-oil based, non-fragranced soap and rinse thoroughly.

When not at home

Sometimes it can be difficult or awkward to wash your cup fully with soap and water. In these situations just empty the cup out and then wipe it down with a piece of tissue making sure not to leave any tissue on the cup. When you’re back home give the cup a more thorough clean.

At the end of your cycle

Always remember to disinfect your Un cup at the end of your cycle. To disinfect, place your clean Un cup into a pot of boiling water for 7 minutes. Allow your cup to dry fully before putting it back in its bag until your next period.

If you notice any damage or change in the appearance, smell or texture of your Un cup, you should replace it. If you look after your Un cup as described above, the cup can be used for 3-5 years.