Giving Back

As part of our mission to build a company that is Uncompromising in it’s social values and delivers on its pact with our customers, we have committed to donate 50p for every cup sold through our store to charity.

We have decided to support two unbelievable charities. Firstly, Period Poverty, which ties directly to our industry. We’re fully cognisant of the fortunate position we are as founders and are customers are to be in a position to choose between a range of products. There are many women who suffer from a lack of access to period products and the precarious social positions this puts them in. Period Poverty UK helps these women.

The second charity we will support is HestiaHestia provides support for those suffering from domestic abuse, modern slavery and mental health issues. We believe that through better support of adults and parents in crisis we can prevent families from being forced into poverty and empower more women to build better lives for themselves and their children.